Lasting Marriages

Lasting Marriages
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  • Build Love Maps
  • Share Fondness and Admiration
  • Turn Towards Instead of Away
  • The Positive Perspective
  • Managing Conflict
  • Make Life Dreams Come True
  • Share Fondness and Admiration
  • Create Shared Meaning
  • Vision Statement

About The Gottman Method

More people seek therapy for marital problems than any other type of problem. So finding the most effective form of marital therapy is essential.

The Gottman method for couple’s therapy is a scientifically-based Marital Therapy. The research for this method by Dr. John M. Gottman is supported by 40 years of observing
over 3000 couples at his “Love Lab” at the university of Washington State in Seattle WA. This method is focused on therapeutic interventions for distressed couples, which ensures that couples are provided with effective and reliable tools that really work to achieve results.

The Goals and Tools of scientifically-based marital therapy.

In your sessions you will learn:

  • How to build Love Maps to enhance and rebuild the passion and love in the relationship.
  • To build “Rituals of Connection.”
  • Tools for dealing with the aftermath of a fight or regrettable incident to build a stronger relationship.
  • What makes love last.
  • How to build trust and avoid betrayal.
  • How to identify and use effective antidotes to dispel the “Four Horsemen,” contempt, criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, which can be the death knell of a marriage.
  • How to nurture your fondness and admiration for each other to enhance and deepen
    “The Friendship System.”
  • How to successfully overcome “Gridlock” by developing an understanding of the difference between solvable and perpetual problems.

The above goals and tools are instrumental in building the deeply important "Emotional Bank Accounts" required in all Lasting Marriages.  The end result of this learning experience is to create and share a deeper sense of what is meaningful about your relationship and your lives together.